LinkedIn tips to follow in 2023

Over the years, We’ve been repeatedly asked whether LinkedIn profiles will replace the resume as we know it. Short answer — Maybe. What can I do if it happens? Follow these tips.

➡️ Have a profile photo where you look approachable and professional. Add a branded banner photo too.

➡️ Have a strong headline. Include your target title, areas of expertise and value offerings. I know. Tricky to do with 120 characters but very possible.

➡️ Write a attracting “About Me” section. Don’t copy/paste the summary or profile from your resume. Make them crave more!

➡️ Don’t disregard the skills section. Click the target job posting to see what skills you’re missing and add them to your profile before you hit Easy Apply.

➡️ Don’t neglect your experience section. Complete it and tell your career story as it relates to your target. Whatever you do, don’t enter “See Resume” or leave it blank.

➡️ Network like no tomorrow. Build relationships with people you don’t know but need to know.

What else would you do if the resume is completely replaced by your LinkedIn profile?

Want to upgrade your LinkedIn profile?

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