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Do you need career coaching sessions?

The idea of career coaching is still somewhat new. Our global workforce is undergoing rapid change, and professions are frequently turned upside down. The development of a career is largely individualised, yet most paths share some characteristics. People, especially leaders, require direction as they advance in their professions.

Pro-active strategy

Many businesses are learning how to maintain an adaptive workforce. Employee needs are also evolving quickly at the same time. Both businesses and people are looking for ways to find that sweet spot in a volatile economic environment.

ResumeSolution discovered significant insights regarding the coaching process after completing one million coaching sessions. And great leaders need to feel terrific in order to create great teams.

Organizations and people can navigate career and organisational development with the aid of career coaching. Let’s discuss what coaching is and what it entails. We’ll discuss the different strategies of coaching.

At ResumeSolution, we view career coaching as a pro-active strategy for enhancing the mental health of your workforce. A future-focused tool to assist in maximising the potential of your workforce is career counselling.

A career coach tailors their approach to match each coachee because every career journey is different.  A variety of coaching themes are covered in the training of coaches. Let’s go into more detail about what a career coach performs and how they might benefit your business and your staff.

There is no one-size-fits-all work definition for a career coach. This is so because each person’s career journey is different and calls for individualised support. A person’s job path is unique to them, much like their fingerprint.

However, there are some parallels when we consider the main duties of a career coach. Our coaches at ResumeSolution have received training in a variety of areas related to professional growth.

Career coaching and your professional goals

A career coach assists you or your staff in locating their ideal position. This may involve looking at a present role and identifying opportunities for retraining or uptraining inside the company. Sometimes it involves forging a completely new career path that is in line with your professional goals. Each person has the capacity to work harder in order to realise their greatest potential. At ResumeSolution, we’re on a mission to empower everyone to live more passionately, clearly, and purposefully.

And we are aware that in order to fully realise human potential, we must accept the reality of the modern labour. The first step in realising your organization’s potential is employee coaching. You can increase employee engagement, wellbeing, and productivity via employee coaching. If you were looking for the ideal coach, career counselling may have come to your attention.


Let’s consider what we already know about coaching first. We at ResumeSolution view coaching as a pro-active means of enhancing mental fitness. It is future-oriented, concentrating on issues related to our futures and careers. It helps us develop the abilities required to advance to the next stage. It is an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship.

Some elements of professional coaching can be mirrored in career counselling. Building skills and competencies can be the emphasis of both a professional counsellor and a career coach. However, a career counsellor could also emphasise one’s recent experiences and near-term objectives. To get that next job interview, for instance, a career counsellor might assist with a practise interview. However, unlike a coach, a professional counsellor might not be able to envision the future five or ten years in advance.

You will frequently take an assessment prior to your initial career coaching session. At ResumeSolution, we employ a process known as a Whole Person Assessment. Our WPA, which is based on positive psychology, assesses important skills, actions, and attitudes. It gives you a complete picture of how you are right now.

But unlike many other career assessments, the WPA considers your entire self, which is a crucial factor. It assesses factors like rest, self-compassion, and physical exercise that you wouldn’t expect to be measured in a professional assessment. Why? Because these essential elements also have an impact on how we conduct ourselves in the workplace.

Your career coach would be interested to learn how clear your goals are to you. For your career coaching session, it’s acceptable if you don’t have your career goals stated. In actuality, that is the coach’s job.


Even if you are unsure of what your career goals are, our career coaching session will still want to understand them. Even just talking about the abilities and skills you’d like to develop will help you get going.

It’s crucial to make a commitment to the task, just like it is to develop a growth attitude. Intention, awareness, and commitment are necessary for any kind of personal and professional development.

 You can get the direction, support, and advice you need from your coach. However, you must put in the effort to develop the abilities necessary to realise your full potential.

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